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15 apr Festa loss m zenmunkar på VOWZ, Tokyo

2017-04-15 19:08 #0 av: Expat-Tokyo

Monk-run bar loosens inhibitions, teaches Buddhism
LIFESTYLE APR. 15, 2017 - 06:12AM JST ( 2 )
Drinking at your neighborhood bar would appear to be inconsistent with a Buddhist’s quest for clarity of mind and enlightenment.

Intoxicants, after all, have the effect of clouding the senses, not to mention one’s judgment. But for Buddhist monk Yoshinobu Fujioka, who operates a bar in central Tokyo with other clergy of his faith, nirvana—it appears—is just a sip away.

The VOWZ BAR, which has found its niche among Japanese professionals, students and foreign tourists, is already in its 17th year of business. Add a rock band to the mix, and this group of Buddhist monks is taking unorthodoxy to new heights.

Customers drop by just to grab a drink or two and unwind, receive “spiritual guidance” from these men of the cloth, or quietly enjoy the meditative atmosphere of a Buddhist temple-like setting.

“Japanese people, such as salaried workers, traditionally find bars as a place where they can pour their hearts out to the bar owner, relax and gain some kind of support. Add a monk in the picture, and I believe that would be double the impact,” Fujioka said in a recent interview.

The 40-year-old, who dons the trademark black robe worn by Buddhist monks while he tends bar, belongs to the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha school, which follows the “True Essence of Pure Land Buddhist Teaching.”

Läs hela featuren här:

2017-04-17 11:21 #1 av: Plimme

Det där var nytt för mig!

Måste provas.

Då man dricker och blir glad, så närmar sig ju hela tiden ens medvetande till en total närvaro i NUET  Gapskrattar

Zen-drickning. Me like!!!

2017-04-17 17:27 #2 av: Tandtrollet

Jag kommer själv att åtnjuta Heras rekommendation (att inte dricka) tv. Iaf ngn vecka till. Eller iaf minst tom helgen.

Sen får det kanske lova tt bli lite aktiv zazen Oskyldig

/Anders aka Tandtrollet

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