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12 apr - MIWA ny rising star på japans musikscen

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A rising diva, miwa: Singer-songwriter expands her horizons as a musician and actress

Photo by Hiroki Koizumi/Sports Hochi

Singer-songwriter miwa holds a guitar during the interview.

By Miho Miyaji / Sports Hochi Staff WriterSinger-songwriter miwa gets an overwhelming amount of support from her young fans. Her eagerly awaited fifth album “Splash World” has recently been released, to the delight of her devotees.

Despite her small frame, miwa, 26, has a strong, clear voice that never fails to impress her audiences, and her songs’ melodies pull at the heartstrings of listeners.

Water is the theme of her new album, and the first song on the album, “Splash,” is filled with her views on life and nature.

“Water is a fundamental element of life. We can’t live without it. On the other hand, water doesn’t stop at one point. It flows, circulates and comes back. I used this notion to reflect human emotions on the album,” she said. “Water in rivers and seas evaporates to become clouds, which in turn bring blessed rain. The cycle is similar to receiving someone’s sorrow, washing it away and turning it into joy. It reminded me of the ebb and flow of human emotions.”

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Här kan du lyssna på henne:

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mmmmh, hon hörs hela tiden och överallt...

/Anders aka Tandtrollet

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